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There are many places in Sacramento to get vegan food if you know where to look. And the options are growing every day. However, there are fewer places that offer really good vegan food AND have a really nice atmosphere.

I was hooked at vegan and nice atmosphere.

Dining Room

Hook & Ladder Manufacturing Co. offers a full vegan menu with many tasty choices. They recently participated in the Sacramento Vegan Chef Challenge, but regularly offer the full vegan lunch and dinner menu year round. If dining with non-vegan friends, they also have a full non-plant-based menu for carnivores. They also offer a full bar.

I especially appreciate the completely separate, stand-alone vegan menu. It is nice to not have to read the whole menu and identify the items that are vegan or which items can be modified to be vegan. The vegan menu allows you to enjoy and select with confidence anything and know its vegan.

While they are soon celebrating their 5th year in business, we’ve only just recently discovered them. They are located at 1630 S Street (SW corner of 17th & S).

Hook & Ladder has a trendy, happening urban vibe with a large open dining room and bar. I could try to find descriptors of vintage, classic, urban, shabby-chic, and others, but friendly and comfortable best describe the restaurant.

Hook and Ladder Dining Room

They also have a small nook with 3 two-person tables that offers a great romantic dining for two option or secluded table for special occasions. This area can also double as a private 6 or 8 person dining room with curtains to add to the privacy.

Romantic Dining Nook

For starters we’ve had both the cauliflower soup which is incredible, and also a dinner salad.

Cauliflower SoupSalad

They use Miyoko’s cheese on their vegan offerings. I had never had Miyoko’s cheese before, but this is something that must be experienced. Creamy, light, delicious and vegan – Yum!

We recently had dinner here with a non-vegan friend. We all ordered the Mac & Cheese, Delicious! He ordered the regular with ‘real’ cheese, and we each ordered the vegan version. He tasted ours to compare and said it was better than the ‘real’ Mac & Cheese and was going to have the vegan version next time.

Vegan Mac and Cheese

We’ve also had the pizza which is topped with Miyoko’s cheese, onion, garlic confit, olive, mushrooms, and tomato sauce. The crust is golden brown, crunchy and delicious.

Vegan Pizza

For desert, the pear sorbet tasted exactly like a just-picked perfectly ripe pear.  Flavorful, light and refreshing.

The chef Matt Masera, and a number of employees are also vegan. They really get it.

If you haven’t yet experienced Hook & Ladder, we highly recommend it.  The warning is, once you try it, you too will be hooked.

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