I really like being plant-based…

but I didn’t start out this way. Like most people I was raised on the Standard American Diet. The abbreviation for the Standard American Diet is SAD, coincidence? I don’t think so. It was a journey to re-learn everything I knew about food and eating habits, but it was well worth it. The benefits include being much healthier, having more energy, feeling better, and I could go on and on…

…but I miss the convenience of fast food

I have to confess…that there is still a part of me that misses some of the convenience of fast food. It seems so unfair. I don’t miss the fat, grease and salt that many people think of when they think of fast food. What I miss is the ease and convenience of being able to grab a bite to eat anywhere, anytime, on my terms without having to struggle to figure out where I can find ‘my’ food. Because all that fast food is no longer ‘my’ food. But we haven’t yet reached the tipping point where there is a healthy, plant-based restaurant on every corner.

I’m pleased to report and share a solution that I’ve found – Subway. I have become a big fan of Subway for a number of reasons. I can easily get ‘my’ food there, it is fresh, fast, healthy, convenient, and what I order is simply mouthwatering. In case you haven’t already discovered the magic of Subway, or haven’t tried it recently, I would like to share my standard order. One of the best things about Subway is each sandwich is prepared fresh to order with you being asked exactly what you want on it without any hesitation or second looks like you might get in many restaurants when you place a special order. You also get to watch it being prepared which I find reassuring when someone else is preparing my food because I know exactly what is in it and what I’m eating.

My Favorite Sandwich

I order a foot long veggie delight, on sourdough, toasted with no cheese, meat or mayonnaise.
– brown spicy mustard
– lettuce
– extra tomatoes
– onions
– pickles
– pepperoncini
– topped with a drizzle of sweet onion sauce and vinegar and a sprinkle of pepper

500 calories
40 calories from fat (8%), 3 Grams total fat
1140 mg sodium
91 grams of carbohydrates
18 grams of protein

Full Nutrition Information here.

I try to eat oil free and limit fat only to what naturally occurs in plants (none added) and limit calories from fat to less than 20% of total calories. I also try to minimize sodium also keeping it to what occurs naturally. The above numbers are for a foot long, a six inch only has half of the above metrics.

Once in a while or on a special occasion for a real treat, I’ll add avocado. But this really kicks up the metrics not in a good way. The avocado alone adds 120 calories, 100 calories from fat (83%), 10 grams of total fat, and 210 mg of sodium 6 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of protein. While I love avocado, as you can see, it dramatically alters the healthfulness of the sandwich.

Subway Veggies

For your particular tastes, you can add or substitute olives, spinach, cucumbers, green peppers and jalapenos. Again, I avoid adding oil, salt, and have the cheese left off. I also choose sourdough bread as this is the lowest in fat and is dairy free. The other thing I personally avoid is the big rack of chips displayed along the sandwich counter. A number of chips are vegetarian, but none will contribute to your health which is my primary motivation. Even baked chips pack a lot of fat and salt and no real nutritional value, so they’re no longer ‘my’ food.

Fast Food that’s healthy and delicious

I’ve re-discovered the ease and convenience fast food on my terms, which means plant-based, low in fat, and deliciously satisfying.  I can get this anywhere around Sacramento, or even traveling most places around the US and even in a lot of places overseas. Subway has more than 100 locations in Sacramento and over 44,000 locations worldwide.  While this sandwich and Subway are my favorite and work for me, the principles here apply almost at any sandwich store or deli counter, anywhere you are. You can get almost this same sandwich at the Sandwich Spot, Mr. Pickles, and Togo’s. Or you can also go into any grocery store that has a deli counter and get essentially the same sandwich. Enjoy the new found ease of healthy fast food – To your health!

Subway sandwich









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