Have you spent time on Folsom’s Sutter Street lately?  I was there last Sunday for lunch at The Cellar Wine Bar at 727 Sutter Street, and was impressed with how the Folsom Historic District has evolved into  such an attractive and walker-friendly dining, shopping, and entertainment zone.  I think Sutter Street could give midtown a run for the money.

I was excited to try The Cellar Wine Bar’s vegan options, it can be tricky to find a place to enjoy a glass of wine with some yummy nibbles that are plant-based and more tempting  than celery and carrot sticks.

We arrived at 2 pm just when the restaurant opens for business on weekend days and were greeted by Mad Scientist/Chef/Manager Frank Hilscher.  The restaurant is small and intimate with a relaxed Tuscan atmosphere.  It made a perfect setting for a leisurely catch-up lunch with a friend.

Frank Hilscher -- 10 year vegan and vegan chef extraordinaire
Frank Hilscher — 10 year vegan and vegan chef extraordinaire

The vegan menu features a diverse selection of offerings all featuring mouth-watering descriptions.  It was too hard to select just one, so we decided to go for the gusto and sample a few.  Some of the menu items incorporate ingredients that are new to me, namely a house made nutmeat blend and jackfruit.  I’ve been hearing about jackfruit for awhile now but this was my first opportunity to give it a try so I went for it.

We started out with Stuffed Mushrooms – baby bellas stuffed with a mixture of house nut meat and vegan cheese.  This is a yummy sharable appetizer or even a light lunch.

Second up was the Korean Jackfruit Flatbread – super crispy flatbread with nuggets of jackfruit in Korean barbeque sauce.  Scrumptious!  I love the idea of eating a whole foods plant like jackfruit when I’m craving umami flavor and a meat-like texture.

Sweet Potato Curry – nicely spicy and rich.  This would be great for a big appetite that needs some comforting.

Stuffed Mushrooms, Sweet Potato Curry and Korean JackFruit Flatbread
Stuffed Mushrooms, Sweet Potato Curry and Korean JackFruit Flatbread

The next two items were off menu but Frank told us they are available and folks are ordering them.

Bean burrito – simple and tasty bean burrito with vegan cheese garnished with avocado and pico.  Good, basic burrito, no surprises here.

Chicken Ranch Calzone – this completely nailed my need to eat a cheesy pizza pocket.  I really enjoyed it.

Chicken Ranch Calzone and Black Bean Burrito
Chicken Ranch Calzone

In addition, for dessert we had a fresh baked chocolate cookie topped with two scoops of cappuccino cashew ice crème and coconut caramel. Not only did this look like a chocolate explosion, it was a flavor explosion.  Super super good.

The Cellar is a wine bar serving a wide variety of craft beers on tap and over 40 wines  by the glass, really delicious food, and a relaxing atmosphere.  A great option to try.






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